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The BACK-TRACK system
The Manual Handling Competency Programme

This programme is suitable for organisations whose leading cause of absence and injuries are related to musculoskeletal disorders, specifically to the lower back and caused by manual handling risks associated with repetitive lifting from low levels.

Typical implementations of the Competency Programme are within distribution, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and a number of other industrial sectors. In these industries, it is typical for sites to employ many hundreds of people and therefore the costs associated with all employees using BACK-TRACK would often be prohibitive. It is for this reason that the BACK-TRACK Competency Programme has been introduced.

At any moment in time, the Competency Programme is monitoring approximately 30% of your workforce. On a monthly basis, we will send you a report which identifies which individuals are potentially at an elevated level of risk. The report shows who is activating their device most often (i.e. activations per hour).
The top 5% (red) and the next 10% (amber) are deemed to be potentially at an elevated risk of injury. This group will have a 1:1 review with their supervisor.

1:1 Review
The 1:1 Review is a collaborative process and an opportunity to raise an individual’s awareness of their potential to be at an elevated risk of injury. This is a two way dialogue and an opportunity to review manual handling practices. It is this dialogue and increased awareness that is the catalyst to bring about an increased awareness of risk and supports the behaviour change process.

The 1:1 Review is completed via the online interface where it will be stored for access at any time (and printed / emailed as required), or it may be completed offline via a printed PDF (which can be input into the system later if required).
The supervisor can make some recommendations such as:
Important metrics are shown.

Some standard questions are covered (which we can edit to suit your needs). An example being “Are you using the Manual Handling aids available”.

The supervisor has some opportunities to make some recommendations eg continue
BACK-TRACK usage and MH refresher training required.

The individual is asked if they would like to include any feedback.

Previous dialogues are also shown (if the online version is used).

If the formality of a documented discussion is not required, the data alone can be viewed and discussed by accessing the Individual Detail Data Report.

item3Those that have met the requirements of the
BACK-TRACK Competency Programme, determined by;

item10number of hours of BACK-TRACK usage (typically 300hrs in the current cycle of the programme),

are not in an elevated risk group as determined by the Overview Report, i.e. are in the green zone

are not jumping excessively - BACK-TRACK also monitors jumping frequency (developed for delivery drivers)

are then deemed to have met the requirements of the programme and their BACK-TRACK device will be reassigned to a colleague. We send you a monthly report showing who has, and who has not, met the requirements of the Competency Programme.

The BACK-TRACK Manual Handling Competency Programme is used successfully by TNT, Allied Bakeries, DHL Supply Chain and numerous other organisations and businesses.