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The BACK-TRACK system
Now a specialist partner of Aviva

BACK-TRACK is proud to be working with Aviva to bring greater awareness of back health to the workplace, resulting in reduced frequency of associated injury and absence.

BACK-TRACK has more than 10 years of experience working with multinational clients and have a good understanding of what works and what client's need. BACK-TRACK modifies behaviours, raises awareness, and reduces injuries while keeping it simple for the employee and the employer.


Did you know?

  • According to the Institute of Health Metrics, in the UK, lower back pain is the number one cause of years lived with a disability*.
    * http://www.healthdata.org/united-kingdom (2019)

The primary risk to an employee's long-term back health is the imperceptible, cumulative wear-and-tear process, exacerbated by poor lifting and handling practices. By raising awareness of susceptibility and identifying the occupational risk factors, employees and employers can bring about changes that will reduce the incidence of back injuries.


How can Aviva and BACK-TRACK help?

Aviva are now working with BACK-TRACK Europe Ltd, a leading wearable sensor technology company. Launched in the UK in 2008, the BACK-TRACK wearable device (worn on a belt) and the supporting awareness programmes slow the wear-and-tear process on the back, and can reduce absence and injuries for those whose tasks involve repetitive lifting and handling.

The three programmes include:

  • An enhanced manual handling induction training of new employees.
  • Encouraging better manual handling techniques by those with regular exposure to manual handling risk.
  • Aiding rehabilitation / return to work for those experiencing back pain.


Who can benefit from the BACK-TRACK system?

Aviva recommends the BACK-TRACK system to any of the following industries:

  • Industrial & Manufacturing industries
  • Construction
  • Retail & Wholesale
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Fleet

The system is simple to use and can be deployed with minimal training across multiple locations. The BACK-TRACK devices are used for a few months, and then moved to a new group of users - raising awareness throughout the organisation.

BACK-TRACK becomes a part of the process - it is not a one-off risk assessment. This enables a sustainable shift in behaviours and attitudes towards back injuries.

As a result, clients typically see reductions in related absence and injuries in the first year!

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